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What's A Craigslist Buddy?

Craigslist Buddy (CLB) is a cool tool that lets you keep track of your favorite Craigslist listings as they happen. Your Craigslist Buddy checks the last 10 entries of your favorite craigslist category every 5 min (24hrs a day/7 days a week) and drops you an email and/or text message if it finds what your looking for. It also lets you track the number of people that check out any postings you listed too!

Craigslist is nothing new to the internet community.  In fact, its the 7th most english visited website on the planet.  That's impressive. 

Most people go there to find jobs, stuff and people. Sometimes the great jobs or items others list only lasts a few minutes. Your buddy can keep an eye out for what you want and text messages you as soon as it comes in.  He is a hard worker and rarely sleeps. 

CLB can be your buddy if you want him to be.  Click here to give him a new job.

um...how do you spell copyright ©2015?    ya.. not affiliated with craigslist.org either

if you like the cragslistbuddy tool, try the password buddy tool.. its free too!